Bushell Film 2014 Cinematography Reel

The best shots I have taken this year.
Includes shots from:
Redwood High School TV
Short Films
Bushell Film Work for companies

Blue Angels Return to San Francisco

After a one year hiatus the Blue Angels return to San Francisco. This is one of their many appearances in San Francisco. San Francisco Fleet Week celebrates the historic naval tradition in the Bay Area. I wanted to showcase the skills of the Blue Angels and what they mean to the city of San Francisco. This film highlights Lieutenant Commander Michael Cheng, USN a Blue Angel.

Special Thanks:
Michael Cheng- Lieutenant commander,
Blue Angels
Mary Hickey - Director/Pr/Marketing,
San Francisco Fleet Week
Anthony Bourke - F16 Fighter Pilot and
Founder, Mach 2 Consulting

Makamah Beach

"Summers at Makamah Beach"
Ever since I was little I spent my summers at Northport, New York. I stayed in my Grandma's beach house on Makamah Beach Road. Makamah was on the Sound (on the north shore), which brought very little waves but, thats what made is special. It was calm and peaceful. Spending most of my time outside during the day fishing, boating and relaxing in the sun and when the day ended the stunning sunsets would turn the beach golden. My family and I spent magical summers there -- the best summers and by far the best times of my otherwise entirely citified, concrete childhood. Stayed in a very a very simple house that was directly on the beach. The house was mostly all windows with a minimal kitchen and a few sleeping rooms. It seemed like a great distance to the nearest neighboring beach house, but, in retrospect, it was probably no more than 100 feet apart. Makamah Beach offered not only beauty and variety but also the possibility of different kind of life.

Shot on a canon 5dmkiii in RAW
70-200L f2.8
24-105L f4

This Is Skaar Fitness

Work Hard, Train Hard, Play Hard

Redwood High School 2014 Lip Dub

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tkj-eE99Dac

Redwood High School 2014 Lip Dub
The purpose of this video is to showcase the school spirit, pride, sports programs, extra-curricular activities, facilities, and everything else that makes Redwood High School.

"Let's get it started" Black Eyed Peas
We do not own the rights to the song but we give all credit to the Black Eyed Peas


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